Gangus Sample Pack Vol.1

270 signature sounds from Gangus, delivering his unique palette of sounds, perfect for heavy Dubstep and Trap style tracks!

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Gangus Sample Pacck Vol.1

''Yo! Thanks for buying my sample pack or downloading it off Reddit or whatever. 

I made this over the span of about half a year compiling samples from my previously released tunes as well as designing sounds specifically for this pack. 

I hope you get some good use out of the sounds I made and maybe even gain a little inspiration while you’re at it. 

Also, I hope you enjoy the bonus SapBoys acapellas lol. 

If you did purchase this pack you’re the shit and are seriously helping me survive - Cause ya boy is broke.''

- Gangus

Download contains:

270 x Total Samples
11 x Vox
54 x Sounds
34 x Claps & Snares
12 x Planty Sounds
48 x Percs
31 x Kicks
18 x Hats
48 x FX
14 x 808's

24 Bit 44.1kHz WAV Format


237MB (Unzipped)