Ghost In The Machine - Arps & Seqs

Dome of Doom brings you a selection of 92 Lush & Melodic Arp loops as well as another 92 Serum presets exploring the depths of Serums' capabilities!

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Ghost In The Machine

Bringing your synth back to life, GITM does deep into the Matrix of Serum's possibilities! Many sounds in this pack use anywhere from 5-8 Lfos per preset, so there is a lot of subtle detail to each preset that will give your track that jolt of life. Intricate & complex Sequences that are perfect to create that vibe between drops. 

Lush & melodic Arps that are like whole songs at just a push of a button! And even sick beats completely made in Serum triggered with a single note! 

Reverse engineer these presets to discover hidden secrets of Serum & expand your understand of it's routing & LFO system. 

Download contains:

184 x Loops & Serum Presets Total
92 x Serum Presets 
92 x Arp & Seq Loops 

24 Bit 44.1kHz  WAV and Serum Presets


621MB (Unzipped)

Please Note: Serum v1.201 or higher is required.