Glitch Hop Drum Loops

Over 70 unique Glitch Hop Beats & Drum Loops

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Glitch Hop Drum Loops

Glitch hop blends intelligent beats with influences from the old-school, and mixing it up with modern, club infusions to deliver a refreshing, highly inventive style that is capturing the imagination of thousands of fans around the world.

"Glitch Hop Drum Loops" provides the backbone for this exciting style, and we are extremely proud to present over 70 of the most unique drum loops released so far in the hip hop genre!

The foundations of glitch hop can be tracked back to the post digital era of the late 1990's - a result of experimentation with analogue and digital devices, which has now evolved into an extremely popular, and up and coming genre. This awe-inspiring style mixes minimal sounds with hip hop, and throws in a good dose of glitches, malfunctions, and circuit bent electronics for good measure!

This brand new sound suite is completely royalty free and available in all the latest formats - you can use these beats in your productions at no extra cost to you. "Glitch Hop Drum Loops" has been designed and mastered by the same author who created the extremely popular "Glitch Cuts" - Only this time, presented in ready-to-drop rhythms!

If you move to hip hop, dubstep, trip hop or electronica, and are interested in developing new styles of production, then inject "Glitch Hop Drum Loops" into the mix for immediate results, and maximum originality.

Download contains:

24 Bit Glitch Hop Beats

70+ Glitch Hop Drum Loops

Available in the following formats:

Apple Loops 83MB
Ableton Live Racks 65MB
Sampler Patches 160MB
Reason Re Fill 55MB