Using a selection of of both modern and vintage gear from Samplestar studios - expect to hear everything from retro lofi drum computers right through to lush jupiter pads and deep 101 basslines, all taking inspiration from the Gorillaz!

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  • WAV & MIDI

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Samplestar are very proud to present Gorillas - The Tribute Pack!

The Samplestar crew are massive fans of the Gorillaz©, known for their quirky & eccentric production through the exploration of electronic and hip-hop influences.

With Gorillas they set out to produce a fresh forward thinking sample pack aimed at helping to inspire producers who are looking to add a little Gorillaz© style magic to their workflow.

Using a selection of both modern and vintage gear from the Samplestar studios - expect to hear everything from retro lo-fi drum computers right through to lush Jupiter pads and deep 101 basslines.

All content has been carefully mixed and eq’d for optimum sonic balance while allowing plenty of extra headroom for further processing and also final mastering stages.

What's in the pack?

  • Full Song Starter Inspiration Kits - 5 huge key labelled track starter kits of combined Drums, Bass, Synth, Melodics & Vocals broken out into individual professionally mixed and mastered wav stems. (Includes full MIDI files for all melodic content).
  • Synth & Music Loops - 10 luscious synth & key progressions, arpeggios and sequences. (Includes full MIDI files)
  • Synth Bass Loops - 10 classic 80’s influenced synth-tastic low-end grooves.(Includes full MIDI files)
  • Lofi Breakbeats - 10 vintage funk induced drum loops ready to chop up or drop straight into your new project. 
  • Retro Analog Drum Loops - 10 old skool drum loops for adding quirky & kitsch grooves.
  • Live Bass Loops - 05 funked up live sampled basslines.
  • Brass Loops - 05 organic brass motifs.

Download contains:

5 x Construction Kits
178 x Total Loops and MIDI Files
10 x Synth & Music Loops
10 x Synth Bass Loops 
10 x Lofi Breakbeats 
10 x Retro Analog Drum Loops 
5 x Live Bass Loops 
5 x Brass Loops

24bit  44.1kHz WAV and MIDI Formats


328MB (Unzipped)