Granular Blend Box Expansion 1

Carrying on from the first pack, this expansion pack contains a lot more drums and percussion one-shot layers, plus extra SFX and textural layers, to help really push the envelope of your sound design!!

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Hip Hop Samples

We're back on the Granular Engine and this time with an exceptional expansion. This drum sound design tool is a serious weapon. We use this every day to create the sounds you get in our libraries. Now you can own and be part of the design process. In this expansion you get more than 1100 sounds. You have additional snares, kicks and hi hats body's, clicks, high pass layers and mid tones. But you also get more breakbeats snares, kicks and hi hats and more lo-fi textures. And on top of all this you get extra sounds like the classic vinyl crackles, rocks and debris, tape cassette noises and snow and ice crackling sounds. When you mix and blend these elements you get what we call "the creme de la creme" of the Boom Bap drums. Go ahead and make yourself this gift. It's the revolution you need.


Download contains:

1135 x Total Files (sound hits/one-shots)

200 x Hi Hat layers
185 x Kick layers 
185 x Snare layers 
290 x Breakbeat textures (kicks, snares, hi hats).
138 x Lo-fi textures.
137 x Extra sounds (vinyl crackles, dirt, rocks, debris, ice cracks, snow, tape cassette noises)

16 bit 44.1khz WAV Format

420MB (Unzipped)