Hard EDM Drops

This huge EDM Drops pack contains 10 songstarter kits, containing 398 Audio Files, 62 MIDI, 36 Spire Presets, a tutorial video and 1 Logic and 1 Ableton Templates across 1.51GB of content.
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Hard EDM Drops

At Sample Tools by Cr2, we are constantly looking to develop our products to give you the producer all the resources you need to make great music right now whilst simultaneously helping you develop your sound and your skillset. Thats why with Hard EDM Drops, we include Logic and Ableton project templates alongside our usual top quality audio, MIDI loops, Massive presets, Prod-Cast video tutorials and a booklet containing tips and tricks from the producer.

In addition we have teamed up with psychology of music production guru Mike Monday who touches on neuroscience and psychology to introduce his 5 step process to vastly increase your musical output! The pack contains a whopping 1.55GB of content and is one of our drop packs which contains 10 of the finest songstarters including all the content you need to create absolutely top notch tracks. Each melodic part is also available as a MIDI file and every kick drum not only key labelled but are also available in every note of the chromatic scale!!

The Prod-Cast video tutorials come from the producer himself where he gives you an overview of how the sounds from each drop were constructed including sound design and mixing.

Have you ever wished you could understand how your favourite sounds are constructed? Ever wished you could see how a top producer works?

The wait is over. We have also bundled Logic and Ableton projects to allow you to quickly get ideas together on either platform.The 2 projects feature sounds and melodies from the pack in an easy to use format. We are confident that with Hard EDM Drops we have provided you with the most powerful EDM resource on the market.

Download contains:

398 x Total Audio Files
16 x Claps
40 x FX
133 x Kicks
153 x Loops
11 x Rides
6 x Snares
6 x Toms
16 x Fills
3 x Percussion
4 x Cymbals 

62 x MIDI 
36 x Spire Presets 

24 WAV Format