XXL Hip Hop Drums

XXL Hip Hop Drum Sample Pack, featuring over 330 Hip Hop Drum Samples & One-Shot Hits for maximum Impact

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XXL Hip Hop Drums

"XXL Hip Hop Drums" is a powerful collection of beefy, hard-hitting Hip Hop Drum Hit Samples. Designed to pack a serious punch, these handcrafted hip hop drum samples have been optimised with state of-the-art studio hardware equipment, valve compression and the finest equalizers.

Finding decent Hip Hop Drum Samples can be tough, Hip Hop Drums create the backbone rhythm to the entire track, so using the correct Drum Sounds is very important. Many producers settle for lo-fi, clicky, amateur Drum Samples, which ultimately affect the mix, and can be heard easily by those with a tuned ear. Fortunately Prime Loops' classic Hip Hop Drum Hits sound suite - "XXL Hip Hop Drums", offers a much-needed dose of over 330 high profile, enhanced Hip Hop Drum Sounds that pack a serious bang for your buck.

Prime Loops' "XXL Hip Hop Drums" One-Shot Sample Pack contains:

· Over 100 chunky Hip Hop Kicks

· Over 100 phat XXL Snares

· 40 charismatic Cymbals

· 55 ultra-crisp open/closed Hi-Hats

· 25 Shakers & Tambourines and lots more...

You won't find cheap, clicky, lo-fi Hip Hop Drum Samples here... Strictly optimised and individually mastered at a 24-bit sample rate, these Hip Hop tools are maximised big, bad, real Hip Hop Drums specifically designed for maximum impact, and presence in your mix.

The demo showcases beats made with this Sample Pack to give you a feel for the drum sounds and their capabilities.

If you're tired of using low quality over-used Hip Hop Drum Samples, then it's definitely time you upped your game with a library you can rely on. "XXL Hip Hop Drums" brings the heat, and will deliver solid, chunky drums, whenever you need them, time and time again.



This is a must for hip hop producers who prefer heavier productions. It’s great for beginners, since it’ll be a fantastic starting point to making professional productions and for more experienced producers, this will be a fine addition to your sample library for making those punchier, speaker shaking drums loops.


All in all I give Primeloops’ XXL Hip Hop Drums sample pack 90% – amazing value for money and some seriously awesome samples.


Download contains:

330+ Hip Hop Drum Hits

100+ Chunky Hip Hop Kicks
100+ Phat Hip Hop Snares
55 Ultra-Crisp Open/Closed Hi Hats
40 Charismatic Cymbals
25 Shakers & Tambourines

Available in the following formats:

Apple Loops 42MB
Ableton Live Racks 65MB
Sampler Patches 389MB
Reason Re Fill 30MB