Hot Sauce: The 808 Pack Vol.2

This pack features 16 808’s + 6 Bass patches (more than 700 samples in total), including a Kontakt module to enable maximum tweaking of these Bass sounds!

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808 samples

The Hot Sauce 808 Pack just got better! We’re happy to present you the all new 808 & Bass Kontakt module: Hot Sauce: The 808 Pack Vol. II. With a remodeled User Interface and fresh new features like Pitchbend control, Glide, and Punch it allows you to quickly lay down your 808 + Bass tracks. It’s the ultimate allrounder when it comes to 808’s and Bass sounds!


The Hot Sauce 808 Pack Vol. 2 is the perfect 808 and bass module for modern Hip Hop, Trap and R&B productions. This Kontakt instrument features hard hitting and booming 808s as well as pulsing synth basses. We created a simple designed surface to keep the focus on the most important parameters like Pitchbend +/-, Glide, Punch, Attack and Release. All sounds were processed accurately and sampled note by note.


Fast & easy-to-use! Its clever interface lets you tweak sounds in seconds. Use Pitch Bend, Glide, Punch, Attack and Release knobs to quickly modulate your perfect 808/Bass sound.



This time we embedded the Pitchbend and Glide Function on our user interface. This allows you to create 808 glides/slides in a couple of seconds. The Pitchbend knobs let you easily choose your pitch scale -12 to +12.

Punch, Attack and Release

The Punch knob is a new feature that allows you to add a kick drum to your 808 to get more punch. With the Attack and Release knobs you can tweak your 808/bass sound quickly and adjust them as you need.

Combining the 808 Pack with Saucey Plug-In's

The Hot Sauce 808 Pack Vol. 2 works perfectly with our popular VST/AU effects. This video shows you how to combine Saucey Filter and Saucey Distortion to get your 808 to the next level.

Don't sleep on this one! Hot Sauce: The 808 Pack Vol. II is the perfect 808 and Bass module for modern Hip Hop, Trap and R&B productions. This Kontakt instrument features pure, hard hitting and booming 808's as well as pulsing Synth Basses!





Download contains:

16 x 808’s
6 Bass sounds (Custom Processed)
700x  Samples in Total

24 Bit WAV & Kontakt 5 Format

Fully mapped (Pitched perfectly across your keys)
Pitchbend, Glide, Punch, Attack and Release knobs

1.87GB (Unzipped)

Please Note: You need a FULL version of Kontakt 5 to use this module. Not the free Kontakt Player version