Industrial SFX

Over 240 pulverizing, white-hot SFX samples, featuring 201 hard-hitting industrial one-shots and 45 industrial style FX Loops
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Industrial SFX

Are you ready to take on the mighty machine that is Industrial SFX? This heavy-duty sample pack has been constructed and assembled in Prime Loops' very own secret sound factory, harnessing the intense sounds of pulverizing steel and surging white-hot metal. Put on your hard hat and watch you don't get any in your eye!

Industrial SFX has been meticulously manufactured to bolster your productions with a sturdy collection of SFX loops and one-shots, calibrated to bond with a vast range of genres from Electro, Techno, Dubstep, Glitch and Minimal to Metal and many more. This pack hammers home an epic selection of huge, cacophonous industrial vibes balanced with a shadowier offering of droning ambiences for good measure!

Stacked to maximum capacity, Industrial SFX drops hard at 247MB with 45 expertly engineered FX loops and an oversized shipment of 201 one-shots delivered in crude, rough-and-ready form! From cold, slicing steel to sharp impacts and corrosive reactions, Industrial SFX offers all the tools you require for a dark industrial sound!

Grab your samples straight out of the download folder and swing them over your favourite software before dropping into the mix for automatic syncing. Adjusting these sounds to suit your mix is so easy, you won't even break a sweat - just clutch the end of the sample with your cursor and adjust the length to match your tempo.

We've ignored all the health and safety guidelines to put this thing together, so roll up your sleeves and get to work and arm your tunes with that dark mechanical edge!



"Priceless! You MUST have it!


With Industrial SFX you have all the beautiful noise without the hackneyed beats and basslines that you would expect from this genre. Industrial SFX can add an atonal essence to any Electronic genre and it’s great for soundtracks."


Download contains:

11 x Ambiances

9 x Drills & Saws

16 x Dry Heavy Impacts

49 x FX Heavy Impacts

51 x Dry Light Impacts

22 x FX Light Impacts

31 x Movements

12 x Suspenses

45 x SFX Loops

24 Bit Quality

Total Size: 247MB