Inebriated Breaks Vol.1

This pack contains 19 unique and saturated drum breaks from 90-97 BPM, perfect for some swung hip hop!

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Drum Samples

Inebriated Breaks is a collection of 19 original and slightly drunken drum breaks. Recorded in Chicago, by professional touring drummer Danya Thompson, Inebriated Breaks have a soulful disposition. Close mic'd in an intimate room these breaks are perfect for looping or chopping. Unlike most other breaks these breaks conform to a simple formula.

The formula for the Inebriated Breaks was simple;

  • small room
  • close mic'd
  • additional room mics to capture a bit of the room
  • in the pocket but still a bit loose
  • 90 to 97 BPMs

From there the breaks were dropped to reel to reel tape for a bit of Distillation of tape saturation. And there was born the 

Inebriated Breaks series of drum breaks.

Download contains:

19 x Drum breaks 

16 Bit  44.1kHz WAV Format

33.9MB (Unzipped)