This pack contains 200+ Electromagnetic Soundscapes recorded from Computer and Office Gear, including MIDI files and Ableton Live Racks! 

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SFX Samples

Harness the power of Electromagnetic Radiation! Have you ever used kicks and baselines made from light bulbs, pads from scanners and tv screens, hihats from hard-drives and routers, keys from photo cameras or sound fx from computer processors?

If this sounds both intriguing and confusing, please read on! Using a custom made  listening device, the shamans have translated oscillations in the electromagnetic domain to the audible, allowing them to tap into a bewildering sonic playground, unheard to the human ear.

More-so, they've turned these soundscapes into playable and controllable percussive and melodic Ableton racks, which serve as building blocks for the song starting Ableton Projects included, which vary from Downtempo and Techno to IDM and House.

You can use the soundscapes to build your own instruments, drop them as wavetables into your synths, created sci-fi SFX or use them as sidechained hiss to fill up space - the possibilities are endless. Plus, you can easily stand out with such unique sounds on your hands.

What's in the collection?

Inside you will discover 200+ Electromagnetic Soundscapes at 96 khz recorded from Computer and Office Gear : processors, motherboards, mouse units, keyboards, screens, scanners, printers – 74 total files,  Gadgets and Household Appliances: phones ranging from early 2000's models to modern day smartphones, kindle readers, tv's, microwave ovens, hair dryers and more – 54 total files, Light and Photo: various types of light-bulbs, digital and analog photo cameras, flash lights and studio lamps – 26 files, power supplies and adaptors : from phone chargers to high power group UPS units – 17 files and Sound Gear: from old radios to midi controllers and effects pedals – 30 files.

In the Ableton Live pack you will find 30 Percussive Racks: kicks, snares, hihats,shakers and 54 Melodic Racks: bass,synths,organs, keys - all created exclusively with  the aforementioned soundscapes, 15 Demo Projects that you can tweak and customize, plus the project for the pack's main demo. The Demo Projects have been also rendered as 44.1 Khz Wav loops -104 loops and Midi melodies – 22 files, and the drum racks and melodic racks as Wav oneshots – 106 files.

Please Note: The demo uses only sounds from this samplepack, and the Ableton Project file for the demo is included in the full release.

Download contains:

531 x Total Files
104 x Total Loops

22 x MIDI files
51 x Melodic Oneshots
54 x Percussive Oneshots
74 x Computer and Office Gear Electromagnetic Soundscapes
54 x Gadgets and Household Appliances Electromagnetic Soundscapes
26 x Light and Photo Electromagnetic Soundscapes
17 x Power Supplies and Adaptors Electromagnetic Soundscapes
30 x Sound Gear Electromagnetic Soundscapes
30 x Ableton Live 9.7.3 + Drum Racks
53 x Ableton Live 9.7.3 + Melodic Racks
16 x Ableton Live 9.7.3 + Demo Projects

24 Bit WAV, MIDI and Ableton Live Formats

3.27GB (Unzipped)