Jackin' House

This House Sample Pack from Raw Loops comes with 284 pounding tech/house drum loops, percussive loops, synth loops, thick bass, vocals, and more!
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House Sample Pack

Mike Frade, owner & creator of Waveform Recordings, debut's his all new off shoot imprint, Raw Loops, with the undeniably poundin' and tech-fueled production pack Jackin' House! 

With 284 pounding tech/house drum loops, percussive loops, synth loops, thick bass, vocals, and more. 

From tech house to techno, house to deep house, this pack is a must-have for any computer based producer regardless of the genre you produce. 

Delivering a pure analog sound with a modern aesthetic using such gear as the Moog Voyager, Virus TI, Juno, SH 101, and many more all being sculpted through a Neve 8816 this pack is a masterful portrait of sound quality & design bliss.

Raw Loops engage with a pack perfect for using straight up or chopping and slicing to create your own parts with 500+ MB of some of the richest, thickest, and warmest sounds we've heard in a long time. 

We can't wait to hear more from the new label.

Bass Loops - 22 deep and driving sub-smackers for maximum low-end power.

Synth Loops - 33 thick synthesizer focused afterhours leads, deep chords and dark riffs built to inspire.

Drum Loops - 38 Tech-heavyweight beatdowns ready to vibe-out any room. Combo of Stripped back Drums and full beats, just add baseline, lead, vocal shots and your records will be done, basically zero mixing required.

Drum Hits - 100 kicks, claps, percs, hats, snares, & music hits at maximum power, just load them up in your sampler to create your own smacking beats.

Percussive Loops - 42 rhythm-rocking unique drum sounds & grooves - some with variants.

Tops Loops - 28 kick-craving tech tops loaded with unique hi-hats, different perc hits, shakers and quirky circuit-derived sounds.

Textures - 8 bending & morphed synths, noises, & more.

Vocal Loops- 13 vocal cuts tweaked and processed.

Download contains:

284 x Total Files

22 x Bass Loops 
33 x Synth Loops
38 x Drum Loops

100 x Drum Hits
42 x Percussive Loops
28 x Tops Loops 
8 x Textures
13 x Vocal Loops

44.1 kHz, 24-bit WAV Format

476MB (Unzipped)