Black Octopus

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Prime Loops proudly presents Black Octopus! A brand spanking new Label, focused on creating some of the most exciting new samples and production tools currently in the game!
  • Foley Essentials Vol.2

    Foley Essentials Vol.2


    Unique Collection of 299 live recorded Drum & Percussion Sounds, full of Character and perfect for layering & creative Sound Design!

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  • Ambient Kicks by AK

    Ambient Kicks by AK


    This exquisite collection of 100 kick hits are carefully crafted to ensure each sound is usable in multiple situations and as versatile as possible.

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  • Tribal & African Percussion

    Tribal & African Percussion


    295 loops and one-shots of Tribal and African percussion samples, containing Congas, Balafon, Djembe & Combo loops and more!

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  • Percussion Samples

    Mystical Indian Percussion


    A huge selection of beautifully crafted, elegant percussion samples from India containing an array of tabla, dholak, mridangam, cabasa and much more!

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