Logic X Mastering Suite

Total Samples Logic X Mastering Suite features 4 expertly designed mastering templates for Logic X enabling you to get a loud, clean and professional sounding master!
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Logic X Mastering Suite

Having trouble getting the most out of your mix? Not sounding as big and punchy as you'd like? Well we may just have the answer!

Total Samples are really excited to bring you the Logic X Mastering Suite, cutting out the need for sending your tracks off for expensive mastering services and putting the power back in your hands!

Compiled and engineered by a very talented producer, these easy-to-use, drag-and-drop templates for Logic X will solve all of your mastering problems.

The Mastering Suite contains 4 individual projects, each with their own unique approach and settings to suit multiple mastering styles. All of the parameters have been simplified for use in Logic's smart controls, but the experienced user can still delve into the plugin settings directly for advanced manipulation.

The pack comes with a pdf manual which explains in detail the different template projects, as well as all of the different processes and plugins used, in order to help you get the most out of the Mastering Suite.

Anyone after a loud, clean and professional sound, this is the pack for you!

Download contains:

4 Mastering Templates for Logic X:

- Levelling Comp, Multi Band & Limiter
- Mid/Side Dynamic Processing, EQ & Limiter
- Mid/Side Processing, Multi Band, Limiter
- Parallel Comp, EQ & Limiter

1 x PDF User Guide