Low Key Love Songs - RNB Soul

Presenting you with a sensual sonic library, Low Key Love Songs continues to push the RNB landscape, incorporating popular stylistic elements from Trap & Hip Hop to provide an exceptional range of samples to work with.

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Low Key Love Songs

Ensure your beats have unique character and identity by choosing from over 50 vocal loops and chops, professionally recorded and performed true to 90’s RNB form, but transformed into a contemporary production aesthetic with tasteful yet creative processing. Whether you’re after a topline to be the hooky centre point of your beat, or some supporting vocal chops, Low Key Love Songs has got you covered.

Don’t miss out on these hidden gems! Much like our previous RNB libraries, there is an emphasis on music loops, providing you with plenty of opportunities when flicking through the samples to catch your ear and trigger some inspiration. Grab one of our song starters for an expertly crafted and well-balanced selection of musical layers, ready to be quickly thrown into your sequencer and have abeat jammed over. Or, for the more meticulous beat makers out there, grab one of the bass, chord, or melody stems for you to write musical elements around, allowing you to enforce your own sonic imprint.

Whilst this pack is focussed more on musical elements, trust us, these drum loops and hits are not to be slept on. Ranging from upbeat mid-tempo through to groovy half time, the subtle use of slightly off-grid percussion deliberately intertwined with the more up-front kicks and snares keeps your beat moving. Just listening to the drum beats on their own can cause you to start nodding along with your head, an essential element to get right when writing RNB.

The SFX within this pack act more as ‘scene setters’. Atmospheres, ambient drum rolls, transition tools, end of phrase elements, and plenty more. These subtle additions add identity and detail to your productions. Low Key Love Songs is a pack containing emotive and moving musical elements, that will connect with your listeners when utilised in your next RnB hit

Download contains:

80 x Drum Hits 
41 x Drum Loops
20 x Bass Loops
40 x Chord loops
40 x Melodic loops
20 x Song Starters
21 x Extra Music Loops
20 x Vocal One-Shots
30 x Vocal Loops
20 x 808 Hits
20 x SFX

24 Bit WAV Format
100% Royalty-Free