Mantra - Hip Hop Ambience

A beautiful array samples, ranging from melancholic chord progressions, warm bass’, delicate melodies, and much more, containing loops, one-shots and MIDI files!

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  • WAV & MIDI

Hip Hop Samples

The bedrock of Mantra comes from the notable detailed one shot drum samples, which range from roomy kicks, characterful snares, crackling tops and unique percussion elements. In addition to these there are 15 creative drum loops which can be directly dragged and dropped into your project for quick inspiration, not to mention the stems to these drum loops are also included to allow interchangeability between the particular grooves offered.

Mantra also provides a selection of warm bass hits, and blissful chord / melody hits and loops, ranging from airy warped pads, to wistful sax lines, and much more. All of which come with respective MIDI files for the ultimate flexibility to add your own sonic mark on your track. 

Last but not least, Mantra contains a versatile bank of varied SFX, from moody vinyl crackles, creative risers, and plenty more to help provide your productions with a whole new level of detail.

Mantra is a library that provides a wealth of various timbres and emotional sonics throughout, allowing you to put together your own comprehensive productions with ease.

Download contains:

210 x Total Files
60 x Drum Hits
55 x Drum Loops 
10 x Bass Loops 
10 x Chord Loops 
10 x Melody Loops
20 x Musical One-Shots
15 x SFX
30 x MIDI FIles
24 bit 44.1kHz WAV and MIDI Formats


469MB (Unzipped)