Atmospheric SFX [Massive Presets]

128 professionally programmed, fully tweakable atmospheric Sound Effect Presets for Native Instruments Massive!
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Atmospheric SFX [Massive Presets]

We've put a MASSIVE hole in the ozone layer testing our latest creation, the truly unique Atmospheric Sound Effects; a super-versatile collection of atmospheric SFX synth presets and patches, professionally programmed especially for MASSIVE from Native Instruments!

From perplexing mystique to unfathomable depths and radioactive warmth, we've packed an obese array of rich ingredients into this mesmerizing set of sound effects, intricately designed by our very own MASSIVE connoisseurs with utterly meticulous attention to detail.

This finely tuned selection of fully tweakable SFX and presets has been lovingly constructed with many genres in mind and is especially ideal for D&B, Trap, Pop, Ambient, House, EDM and many more!

Dropping 128 fresh and expertly programmed Massive SFX presets into your tool kit, Atmospheric Sound Effects is designed to help you pack all of the individuality and the attitude of analogue (modular) synthesis into the comfort of MASSIVE's super advanced digital user interface with a simple drag and drop manoeuvre!

Each stunning Massive SFX patch comes with advanced routings and also includes macros for ease of use and maximum adaptability for use in your own productions.

So, are you ready to prime your mix with the tact and precision of an astronaut guiding a shuttle back into the earth's atmosphere? Load up NI MASSIVE with Atmospheric Sound Effects, the one-of-a-kind, completely royalty free SFX preset bank for Massive from Prime Loops!

Download contains:

128 x SFX Presets for MASSIVE