Mediterraneo Percussion

This pack contains everything ranging from Blocks, to Bongos, Congas and Shakers plus Percussion One Shots, Music Loops and various Fills!

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Percussion Samples

Its time to get inspired and add some Mediterranean flare to your next production with Mediterraneo Percussion by Basement Freaks! If you are looking for the ultimate arsenal of percussion elements (and so much more), look no further! This pack has a plethora of different styles/types of percussion that can help along any genre of music in no time. Inside is everything ranging from Blocks, to Bongos, Congas and Shakers. Its as simple as grabbing the loop of choice, and dragging and dropping it into your favorite DAW, and then watch those Mediterraneo flavors fly from your speakers or headphones!

But that’s not all! Basement Freaks didn’t stop there; along with all of these super tasty percussion loops are Didgeridoo and Percussion One Shots, Music Loops and various Fills. Inside the Music Loops folder are top quality musical elements, ranging from Bass Guitar, to Vibraphone, Clarinettes, Arps, Didgeridoo and more!

So what are you waiting for? Grab Mediterraneo Percussion and add some heat to your latest song!

Download contains:

13 x Block Loops
14 x Bongo Loops
33 x Cajon Loops
9 x Combination Loops
3 x Conga Loops
15 x Cowbell Loops
43 x Fills
38 x Music Loops
13 x Shaker Loops
6 x Tambourine Loops
101 x One Shots

24 Bit 44.1kHz WAV Format

100% Royalty Free


418MB (Unzipped)

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