Midnight Melodies

Midnight Melodies is an all new melodic sample pack, featuring Moog basses and shots, wurlitzers, strings, pads, drum breaks and more!

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  • 96kHz WAV

Melodic Samples

Professional Sound Designer and Musician Erik Jackson is back with another must have original sample & drum library that is a MUST have for your production arsenal. 

Erik Describes the creative process that brings 'Midnight Melodies' to life:

First we have a Wurlitzer electric piano struck with Mallets and Plucked with guitar pick. Processed through EMI Vintage Plate Reverb. The Strings were plucked to create melodies, broke down in to 3 chordal categories. A minor - C minor - G minor.

I also went back to the Wurlitzer and created pads to add to the melodies. These are lush sounding pads to add to the melodies.

The sounds are not cut as perfect loops, I left the tails on for chopping them into new samples. They can be looped though.

The pads and the melodies were recorded through a Neve 5316.

I also went pack to the Wurlitzer and plucked the 3 minor scales I used for the melodies. You can easily load these scales onto your pads and play. Any pad you hit will sound good.

Next I recorded bass-line scales from the Moog Sub Phatty and Minitaur. These were recorded through the SSL AWS 900.

There are also some chopped breaks to add to your arsenal, dig deep, dig in and create something different.

This entire sample pack is created in 3 chords and scales - A minor - C minor - G minor. Load the proper sounds in your sampler and tear it up. This is a very creative pack, made for very creative individuals.

The demo was recorded in real time, going back and fourth between my Maschine and MPC. No extra sounds were added.

Download contains:

183 x Total Files

240 x Moog Bass Loops
15 x Moog One Shots
36 x Drum Loops
23 x Pads
45 x Scales
31 x Synths

24 bit, 96KHz WAV Format

410MB (Unzipped)