Minimal & Tech House Drums

Essential Minimal, Tech & Deep House Drum Collection, featuring over 1,000 professional Drum Samples!

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Minimal & Tech House Drums

Prime Loops are extremely proud to present "Minimal & Tech House Drums", which contains 1,000 skilfully handcrafted drums painstakingly designed over a period of 6 months - from scratch. Using over 20 high-grade analogue synths including: Access Virus B/TI, Korg Prophecy, Jomox Airbase99, Polivox Synthesizer, Juno-106 and many others. The drums have been mastered using TL Audio Ivory and enhanced using a host of the finest studio hardware processors.

Each drum sample has been sonically moulded and skilfully sculpted to perfection using advanced synthesis techniques and has been designed with today's evolving music scene in mind - no corners have been cut in the making of this epic collection which has been duly executed with synthesised precision for maximum originality in the mix.

Prime Loops' "Minimal & Tech House Drums" one-shot sample pack contains:

· Over 100 sonically enhanced kicks

· Over 200 synthesised claps & snares

· Over 200 crystal clear cymbals & hi-hats

· Over 400 synthetic FX, nu era percussives, analogue toms, shakers and lots more!

After months of hard work "Minimal & Tech House Drums" is finally available! Many drum libraries currently available simply contain old, over-used and re-sampled drum hits dating back to the 80's - this releases is different, the drum sounds cannot be found anywhere else having been made from scratch, and therefore containing truly original content with a host of future sounds for enhanced music production.

"Minimal & Tech House Drums" quite simply is a must-have for modern music producers, with over 1,000 innovative sounds from a drum library you can rely on.


Computer Music

"From chitinous, metallic hats and percs to beefy kicks and high-impact tones, noises and mod-FX, this pack is a real electronic feast.

You get about 1000 kicks, claps, snares, hats, cymbals, toms, percussion hits and FX, from such classic machines as the Korg Prophecy, Access Virus and Juno-106."


I always tell myself that I don’t need more electronic drum sounds (and it’s the truth isn’t it), but since Prime Loops was kind enough to send me a copy of Minimal & Tech House Drums I now have yet another 1,000 samples in my sample library. How will I ever be able to use them all? Well, probably not.

Anwyay, this is a great collection of drum sounds. Perhaps not so surprising since the guy behind these samples is none other than Cyberworm. Doesn’t ring a bell? He runs a website called Rhythm Lab, where he has been offering quality free samples since 2007 (the Vermona DRM1 MKIII samples he released a few weeks ago are top notch).

At just under $20 this library is a regular steal. Certainly when you do need more electronic drum sounds, but perhaps also when you don’t. No complaints. Go in. 


Download contains:

1000+ 16 Bit One-Shots

200+ Claps & Snares
200+ Cymbals & Hihats
400+ Percussion & FX

Available in the following formats:

Apple Loops 82MB
Ableton Live Racks 61MB
Sampler Patches 164MB
Reason Re Fill 52MB