Modded 707 From Mars

Containing original, pitched and circuit bent variations of the 707, recorded to tape, through tubes and an API preamp, This kit is truly unique!! Comes in a choice of formats for your convenience.

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Modded 707 From Mars

The 707 defined countless early Detroit Techno and Chicago House jams, and is still widely used today. It's some sort of weird combination between a Linndrum and 909, with Italo kicks, Prince rims, Housey hi hats, hard bodied 80s Toms, and so much more. But this library is above and beyond your average 707 sample pack.

While the original machine had no control for tuning, ours features a custom oscillator which controls the sample rate for every voice - giving us all sorts of tuning options and circuit bending madness. Plus it's been recorded through tasty tubes, a mastering reel to reel tape machine, and Apogee conversion.

This kit is truly unique and sounds great !

Download contains:

Please specify your chosen format at checkout: WAV or Logic (EXS24), Ableton or Kontakt (full version required)

800x 24bit 707 Samples

Well Organized into Folders of Individual Hits

4x pre-made WAV kits for easy access

 Drum Rack containing all samples and extensive FX routing

12 Kontakt & Logic Instruments containing all kits and individual hits

Original, Pitched and Circuit Bent 707 samples

Recorded to tape, through tubes and API preamp

WAV Compatible with any DAW / Sampler