Mutant Percussion

This huge mutant percussion pack contains 1466 one-shots, also mapped in to 15 Ableton racks across staggering 2.64GB of content.
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Mutant Percussion

An unfortunate experiment has had the ShamanStems laboratory exposed to critical levels of radiation. The surviving scientists managed to contain the area but their Elektron apparatuses have been permanently damaged, becoming unstable and unpredictable: otherworldly auditory renderings have been appearing and disappearing throughout the precipices in a seemingly uncoordinated fashion. These peculiar sounds have been carefully recorded, edited and arranged as to perhaps provide an insight into the events that have transpired.

The final report contains the following:

1466 drum oneshots recorded using Elektron’s Machinedrum UW+ and Rytm’s EFM machines,
123 Toms,
100 Claps,
55 Claves,
99 Cowbells,
160 Cymbals,
101 FM percussion,
125 Snares,
127 Hihats,
222 Kicks,
221 Quirky percussion,
64 Piercing percussion,69 Shakers.

The folders have also been mapped to 15 Ableton racks, with macro controls for sounds shuffle, transpose, detune, release, filter type, frequency , resonance and drive.

Download contains:

1466 x One-shots
123 x Toms
100 x Claps
55 x Claves
99 x Cowbells
160 x Cymbals
101 x FM percussion
125 x Snares
127 x Hihats
222 x Kicks
221 x Quirky percussion
64 x Piercing percussion
69 x Shakers
64 x Demo Loops
1 Ableton Live 9.7 Pack
15 Ableton Live 9.7 Racks
8 Ableton Live 9.7 Demo Projects
16 Ableton Live 9.7 Template Projects 

24 Bit WAV Format

2.64 GB (Unzipped)

Please Note: Ableton Live Pack requires version 9.7 +