Night Moves

This throwback to the 80's vintage pack contains a selection of drum loops, one shots, ambiences, bass scales, synth scales, MIDI files and more!

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  • WAV & MIDI

80's Samples

Just in time for that winter side project. Erik Jackson comes with an 80’s vintage throwback. Full of analog drums, pads, arps and bass.  Samples are broken down into chordal folders of Am - Cm - Gm. These include, Ambience and Arpeggios.These sounds were not recorded as loops. but could easy be used to loop and tweak. All of these samples have a natural decay. This entire sample pack is created in 3 chords and scales - A minor - C minor - G minor. Load the proper sounds in your sampler and tear it up. Like before, this is a very creative pack, made for very creative individuals. Erik also provided some breakbeats to chop and some crusty one shots to play with. He also thew in the Arpeggios midi files..Load then into your own synth and add layers to your song. 

The demo was recorded in real time, going back and fourth between his Maschine and MPC. No extra sounds were added.

All samples were recorded straight from the drum machine or synth to an Akai tape machine.

Tape saturation and deep tones from the soul and oscillators from: 

  • Roland Juno
  • Prophet 5
  • Yamaha DX7
  • Sequential Circuits
  • Korg MS-20
  • Roland 707, 303, 606
  • Roland SH 101
  • Moog Voyager
  • EMI Vintage Plate Reverb
  • Moogerfooger Delay

 Recorded with:

  • Avalon 737 Pre Amps
  • Akai 1722 W reel to reel

Download contains:

30 x Ambiences
30 x Arps
63 x Drum One Shots
19 x Drum Loops
256 x Synth Scales
120 x Bass Scales
10 x Raw Bass Samples
27 x MIDI Files

16 Bit WAV  44.1kHz and MIDI Formats

448MB (Unzipped)