Official Trap Vocals

Damn Son! Over 280MB of Official Trap Vocal Samples, featuring over 90 insane Trap vocal loops - plus 30 pure, straight-up Trap phrases, to bring some verbal attack to your mix!

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Official Trap Vocals

Damn Son, where'd you find this!? This is the official 'Damn Son' vocal samples pack! If you don't know what its all about - get to know! The vocal sample that defines Trap music as we know it today! If you wanna be the biggest, baddest trap beatmaker in the business, you gotta get some seriously wavy vocals to assert your authority!

Allow Prime Loops to show you how with Official Trap Vocals - an insane Trap vocal samples collection, packed to the brim with heavily twisted, totally chopped-up trap vocal samples, all fresh from the mouth of our resident Prime Loops trap vocal artist!

Trap is taking over the scene and if you want to lead the way then we suggest you deploy the domination with this superior trap sample pack, stuffed to the crust with an epic measure of big talkin' trap vocal samples exclusively produced to bring your mix to the forefront of this swelling scene with some seriously brazen phrasin'!

This straight trappin' sample pack will bring the verbal attack to your mix with over 280MB of nasty trap phrases to propel into your productions, including 90 heavily processed vocal loops & 30 straight-up vocal phrases! With alternative variations of each sample, you'll have no trouble finding the words to represent your trap attack!

Official Trap Vocals will infiltrate your sound library via direct download and you can drop these exclusive vocal samples into any major software with a simple click, drag and drop! Each of these vocal phrases will bring that smug trap swagger to your tunes in 24-bit high definition quality and come to you 100% royalty free!

If you want to trap hard with your tunes then Official Trap Vocals is the ultimate trap vocal samples pack for you! Come and get fluent in the language of trap!

Download contains:

30 Trap Phrases
40 FX Vox Loops
40 Dry Vox Loops
10 Shout Loops

24 Bit Quality