One-Shot Series: Trance FX

This pack features 100 one shot samples, perfectly crafted featuring rises, falls, whooshes, delay FX and more!

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Trance Samples

'One-Shot Series: Trance FX' from Equinox Sounds is a sample library featuring 100 fantastic FX samples to give your Trance productions a whole new level of premium sound. 

This versatile collection contains top-notch rises, falls, whooshes, delay FX, and more. 

All the sounds are 100% royalty-free.

'One-Shot Series: Trance FX' offers 100 professional one-shot FX samples in WAV format for producing all types of Trance genres such as Uplifting Trance, Progressive Trance, Euphoric Trance, Hard Trance, Tech Trance, and more. 

Featuring sweeps, lasers, downfilters, impacts and slams, risers and builds, falls and breakdown FX as well as complex transitional elements and more, these samples will emphasise your creative potential! 

Please Note: This pack contains only FX samples. Other loops and melodies used in the MP3 audio preview are for demo purposes only.

Download contains:

100 x Trance FX Samples

16 Bit WAV Format
100% Royalty-Free

144MB Uncompressed