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This pack delivers a collection of 1005 opening and closing sounds across 2GB of content. Great for Foley, post-production work or creative sound design!
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  • 96kHz WAV

SFX Sample Pack

This sound library delivers a composite and very versatile collections of sounds of all kinds of things that can be opened and/or closed.
Obviously there are several doors, hatches and drawers but also lots of other opening and closing sound effects that will come in handy in your everydays sound design work, especially for Cartoon productions and Game Audio. You will also find, Roller Shutters, Boiling Pot Lids, Umbrellas, Water Boilers, Boxes, … most with several variations.
You can use the sounds as they are or use them for intense sound design.

All Sounds were recorded with Sennheiser MKH8050 + Ambient Emesser 208 MS-Rig in a Sound Devices 744T and 788T and also with a Sony PCM-D100.
All sounds were cleaned, edited and filled with BWF-Metadata for instant use in your projects.

If you are not sure or of you don’t need many variations you have the option to buy just one half of this sound library. It was split in half by selecting every other file from the full package. Of course you can purchase part two afterwards.

Download contains:

1005 x Total Files

96kHz, 24bit, Stereo, WAV Format

2.02GB (Unzipped)