Organic Toolkit

A dedicated foley-infused library filled exclusively with drums, foley, textures, and unique SFX!

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Foley Samples

Origin Sound provides a dedicated foley-infused library in the guise of Organic Toolkit. Filled exclusively with drums, foley, textures, and unique SFX, this expertly crafted pack aims to bring your productions out of the clinical space of a DAW, and into a fresh environment.

Add creative flair to your productions with the extensive 200 versatile drum hits, where a variety of unique timbres can be found, such as textured hits for layering your snares, simple but varied percussion, and characterful kick drums, perfect for adding extra intricacy to the overall sonic aesthetic of your productions. For those of you looking for some inspiration, there are a range of drum loops on offer from 110 through to 172 BPM, catering to producers from a vast selection of genres, all of which are provided with separate stem bounces to allow easy interchangeability between grooves.

Where this pack really comes into its own is with its vast library of SFX & Foley hits. The foley in Organic Toolkit is in an exceptionally raw format, a blank canvas for you to unleash your creativity, whether it be to resample and turn into something completely unrecognisable, or to subtly layer with other main elements of your track, the possibilities are endless.

Organic Toolkit is an essential library for any producer who has a keen ear for detail and creativity in their productions.

Download contains:

200 x Foley infused drum hits
75 x Drum Loops
106 x Foley Hits
60 x SFX
6 x Bonus demo loops
5 x MIDI Files

24 Bit 44.1kHz WAV and MIDI Formats


514MB (Unzipped)