Organic Top Loops

Containing classic drum machines, foley sounds, location recordings and abstract sounds, this collection of organic percussion samples contains loops and one shots to add extra texture to your tracks!

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Percussion Samples

'Organic Top Loops' will instantly become your go-to collection for organic House & Techno top loops. Perfect for adding a sense of movement, rhythm and percussion to any solid kick and snare groove, this sample pack is a must-have for all House, Garage and Techno aficionados.

Sampling classic drum machines, foley, location recordings and abstract sounds, each loop and sample adds a unique flavour to your beat, providing an often much-needed groove to static sounding drum loops.

From twisted side-chained ambiences to aggressive processed drum machines, this sample pack delivers on all fronts and will provide your beats with that much-needed shuffle that your beats have been craving.

To accompany this incredibly original collection, also included are over 140 one-shots perfect for chucking into your sampler of choice and creating your own unique top loops irrelevant of genre or tempo.

Download contains:

278 x Total Files
121 x Loops
146 x One-Shots

110-125 BPM
 24Bit WAV Format

359MB (Unzipped)

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