Origin Series - Analog Chords 2

Volume 2 of the 'Analog Chords' collection, featuring 780+ chords and stabs across staggering 1.1GB of analog and vintage content!
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Origin Series - Analog Chords 2

Volume 2 of the chart-topping 'Analog Chords' collection is out now. Featuring 780 + chords and stabs recorded using analog polysynths and passed through vintage 70's transistor outboard for maximum warmth and punch. The timbral palette ranges from lush,deep or techy to uplifting, jazzy or vintage.As a plus, at the same price point as volume 1, this collection offers 50 % more sounds!

What's in the collection?

The chords are sorted either by timbre or by root key, making it much easier to find the sound you want,fast. By timbre 30 different sets,with up to 8 timbral variation folders (filter,ADSR,vibrato,overdrive,chorus etc.) for each set. Each variation folder contains up to 28 different chord combinations in various root keys for maximum usability. By root key For those in need of a chord in a specific key,both minor and major,ranging from A to G#.

Please Note: Demo uses bass,drums and fx which are not present in this pack. In the audio demo,some of the chords are processed using external fx such as reverb or delay. The chords in the collection have been recorded as dry as possible. Unziped size : 1.1 GB ,1566 X 24bit WAV oneshots.Download size : 651 MB

Download contains:

1566 x  One-shot synth samples

24bit WAV

Sounds are sorted by root key or timbre

651MB  (Zipped)

1.1GB (Unzipped)