Pass-By: Trains, Trucks & Cars

The SFX sample pack contains 171 files of passing by Trains, Trucks and Cars designed to fit in to any tracks as atmospheric FX.
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  • 96kHz WAV

SFX Sample Pack

This sound pack is a composite collection of passing by (Suburban-, Passenger-, Freight-) Trains, Trucks and Cars that I recorded throughout the year 2016 on various freeways and railroads. Recorded with Sound Devices 744t, 788t, Mix-Pre-D, Sennheiser MKH-8040, RODE NT4, Sony PCM-D100.

All sounds were cleaned and edited for direct use in your projects.

These sounds come in handy not only for for the obvious purpose of giving the right sonic feel for passing by trains, trucks and cars but also as design elements ans a great starting point to create a vast number of sci-fi style whooshes and pass-by effects.

Download contains:

171 x Total Files

96kHz, 24bit, WAV Stereo Format

1.7GB (Unzipped)