Platinum Piano Ballads

Inspired collection of 150 chart-ready Piano Loops, Patterns & Progressions between 69 and 120Bpm, suitable for Pop, R&B, Trip Hop, Deep Ambient, Sountracks and many other Genres

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Platinum Piano Ballads

It has always been, still is and always will be one of the biggest feats for any aspiring pop composer and producer: the grand, powerful, all-encompassing piano ballad - a great moment for all involved, be it the musicians, the singer or of course the audience, bathing their ears in those gentle, soulful tones.

From Bruno Mars to Adele, Elton John to Beyoncé or Owl City to that piano lady with the fitting name of Alicia Keys: The piano is the instrument of choice for so many great musicians who have created classic ballads on the ebony and ivory and thus landed worldwide hits that easily stand the test of time.

It almost seems like the magic spell of the piano ballad can never be broken, even in our modern digital age - and with Prime Loops' latest sample pack "Platinum Piano Ballads" you get a wholesome and diverse 350Mb of beautifully composed, arranged and mastered 24Bit spells to cast upon your listeners.

"Platinum Piano Ballads" contains twenty different, multi-layered track selections, each one in a different key and tempo, providing you with endless harmonic options and plenty of inspiration. The thoughtfully selected soundscapes in each track selection range from harpsichord, classical grand and earthy electric pianos all the way to synthesized piano sounds.

All sounds and loops in "Platinum Piano Ballads" have been exclusively produced for this pack and are royalty-free to be used without a care for your hit productions in any which way you like. If you're searching for the keys to true piano ballad success, this pack will most definitely provide them for you!


Alt Sounds

There are some truly emotive and moving piano loops that could be crafted into a hit pop song with plenty of harmonic and melodic options. Sonically this is quite a versatile sample pack as the samples could be used in a varity of genres, from pop to r’n’b, to jazz and to dance and electronic. There are plenty of catchy melodies to choose from and I would suggest that you work with this pack from the start of a composition, rather than when you’ve already started your production and are adding some loops in. These are the sort of loops that you would build a piece around, instead of adding them into something you have already created.

One of my favourite loops in this sample pack is in the Take Six category. The velvety sounding jazz piano oozes quality and being a lover of jazz these samples did not let me down. Its rare to hear such intricacy and emotion from a sample pack, but Piano Ballads most definitely delivers that. The samples have a delicate passion and at the same time a real swagger to them.

I don’t really need to say this, as I am sure many readers will be familiar with Prime Loops, but for those who may not have come across them, their samples are always of the highest quality. There are never any pop, clicks or unwanted noises and these piano loops are played and produced to a professional standard. As per usual these samples are available in a range of formats so it is extremely easy to use with any DAW.

From real old school American funk to ambient classical textures and anthem electronica samples, Prime Loops sample pack Piano Ballads has outdone itself and to top it all off it comes as an extremely affordable price.




Download contains:

20 x Piano Loop Kits

150 x Loops

24 Bit Quality

Total Size: 428MB