Pop Pianos

Twinkling in at 375MB, Pop Pianos gently taps 140 individual files ranging from 65 to 158 BPM in pure 24-bit HD clarity. This pack also includes those all essential MIDI files

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Pop Pianos

The piano may have been invented for musicians who needed a place to put their drinks but it's become the go-to instrument for adding sweeping melodic flourishes to anything worth listening to! 'Pop Pianos' is the brand new melodic piano loop sample pack fresh from Prime Loops - and this sound library delivers all the twinkling ivories you need to give your productions that smooth, glossy and utterly emotive finish.

From big ballads to funky riffs, heavy chords to classical arrangements, staccato Reggae stabs to gentle arpeggios and simple minor melodies to dramatic breakdowns, 'Pop Pianos' delivers an astonishing and versatile collection of brand new piano samples for your productions. Ideal for adding elegance and style to any genre, this pack has been created to work with everything from Pop to Indie, R&B and even Dance.

Twinkling in at 375MB 'Pop Pianos' gently taps 140 individual samples plus MIDI files, ranging from 65 BPM all the way up to 158 BPM. Each piano pattern is painstakingly mastered to an insanely pure 24-bit High Definition clarity and any of these brand new piano loops will sync effortlessly with pre-existing mixes in any major name software samplers. Simply click and drag your samples from the download folder, over your DAW and drop them right in!

From happy classical elements to energetic arpeggios, dramatic, suspenseful chords, high-energy dance riffs and more,  'Pop Pianos' will ply your productions with an epic range of original piano samples.

So if you're looking for the key to an amazing, massively diverse array of fresh piano loops and melodies, put away your Casio keyboard and get to grips with 'Pop Pianos'! This piano melodies sample pack is supplied completely royalty free, so you can chuck out those sample clearance forms along with that sheet music you never worked out how to read.

Download contains:

115 x Piano Loops
140 x MIDI files

65 - 158 BPM

WAV Format

24 bit 44.1kHz WAV

375MB (Unzipped)