Progressive EDM 2

This Progressive EDM pack contains audio files, MIDI files,  Sylenth1 presets, 1 Logic template and 1 Ableton template for extra flexibility.
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Progressive EDM 2

The sounds in this pack are carefully crafted to meet the demands of todays mainroom clubs and festivals with huge bass lines and synths, big punchy drum loops (split in to stem variants) and one-shots and inspiring FX sounds.

We have provided every melodic part as a MIDI file and as always we key label our kicks so that your productions can be built on the most solid foundations.

As standard for Sample Tools by Cr2, we have bundled 3 Prod-Cast tutorial videos covering how to make EDM stereo claps, gain staging drums and how to make synth pluck sounds in Massive.

We also include Logic and Ableton templates and a video with music productivity guru Mike Monday in which he introduces the steps you can take to massively increase your output. Believe us when we say it works!!

Progressive EDM also includes 59 presets for Sylenth including sounds from the pack so you have total flexibility.

We also include 8 of our Songstarter construction kits (a mixed down idea packed full of tension and release and its stems) guaranteed to get your ideas flowing.

The sound of this pack ranges from sun-drenched Progressive anthems to dirty Electro bangers to suit both the club and the festival mainstage.

We have given you everything you need to compete with the top EDM producers.

The demos are only made up of sounds from this pack so you can make your own mind up!

We are Sample Tools by Cr2 and this is Progressive EDM 2!! 

Download contains:

15 x Audio files
100 x Bass Loops
80 x Synth Loops
130 x Drum Hits
150 x Drum Loops
40 x FX & Fills
116 x MIDI files
31 x Perc Synth Shots
59 x Sylenth presets
8 x Songstarters
1 x Logic template
1 x Ableton template
3 x Prod-cast video tutorials
1 x Music Productivity video with Mike Monday.

24-bit WAV, MIDI and synth preset formats

972MB (Unzipped)

Requires: Ableton or Logic pro, Sylenth1