300 high-energy Ravestep Drum Loops, Basslines, Rave Stabs, Synth Hooks, SFX Samples, Dubstep Drum Hits and more!

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Crank the speakers up to eleven, turn up the strobe lights and push the smoke button until there's no more sense of space and time: This is "Ravestep" - Prime Loops' latest ground-shaking dance floor innovation, fusing together deep and hard-knocking Dubstep flavours with all-out, energetic Rave vibes! You will not find another release like this, anywhere. Get ready to set the roof on fire - NOW!

This insane collection of pumped-up kicks, beats, breaks, synths and basslines locked at 140-142bpm is set to cause multiple adrenaline rushes at the same time! Prime Loops' latest "Ravestep" adventure is the aural equivalent of a notorious Troma shlock horror VHS tape: Ridiculously grimy, done in extra-bright colours, and most of all: wicked, hellish fun!

"Ravestep" delivers the ultimate energy boost to make your audience go absolutely bonkers, whether you're booked to rock a broken-down warehouse running on nicked electricity or set to invade some hyped-up über-club with kids waving their glowsticks like crazy: This jam-packed power station will enable you to cause some permanent damage! Inside you will find over 300MB of stomach-wrenching sounds and loops that are comin' right at ya, already formatted for all major music machinery at a supreme 24-bit quality and - as usual - 100% royalty free.

Skilfully authored by Prime Loops latest resident signing, the truly incredible, Rotterdam based Bong-Ra, "Ravestep" brings you properly crafted, twisted and syncopated riddims that will mess up any dancefloor, gnarly loop arrangements that are intricate yet slamming, hooklines that will melt any raver's brain into a piece of eerily chuckling grey matter.

This spine-tingling sound package provides you with all those precious shock-and-awe moments that are the highlight of any big BASS night. So what are you waiting for? Target the clubs right now - just hit download and you're all set to unleash your personal "Ravestep" attack!

Download contains:

37 x Basslines
39 x Drum Loops
40 x Synth Loops

24 x Snare Hits
21 x Kick Hits
20 x Hi Hat Hits
20 x Percussion Hits
20 x FX Hits
79 x Synth Hits

24 Bit Quality

Total Size: 324MB