Reaktor Kick Generator [Reaktor Presets]

An ensemble of 256 custom made kick patches for Reaktor perfect for House, EDM and Tech productions!

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Reaktor Presets

Cycles & Spots crafted a highly useful instrument to fulfil all your kick drum needs. 256 custom made kicks are included, countless completely new and unique ones can be generated by filtering and mixing these two and/or adding sub bass with a given oscillator. 

To round up the whole thing; a sound shaping section can boost up your kicks and make them fat with a multiband compressor or an overdrive module. You can build hundreds of unique kicks with this generator, either with one press of a button or by detailed crafting from scratch. 

Reaktor Kick Generator will make you not to worry anymore about your kick drum. Kicks in audio demo are randomly generated on the fly without the use of the integrated Multiband Compressor, Overdrive or Frequency Shifter.

PLease note: NI Reaktor required

Download contains:

1 x Reaktor Ensemble Instrument


256 x Custom Made Kicks
1 x Oscillator With Pitch Mod
Generates Unique Kicks With Random Button
Multiple Sound Design Options:

  • Pitch

  • ADSR

  • Filters

  • Multiband Compressor

  • Overdrive

  • Frequency Shifter

Reaktor Format

100% Royalty Free

189MB (Unzipped)

Please note: This product requires NI Reaktor