Reaktor Outrun [Reaktor Instrument]

This NI Reaktor instrument, from Cycles & Spots, remodels iconic gear from the 1980s, perfect for Synthwave, Dreamwave and Retrowave productions!
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  • NI Reaktor

Reaktor Instrument

Cycles & Spots designed a synthesizer for NI Reaktor by remodeling a bunch of iconic gear from the 1980s.

Thus the given 163 presets are each a blend of these synths, making them recognizable but also individual to produce unique Retrowave / Synthwave / Synthpop songs. The basis of this instrument is 4 Oscillators, a pure analog, a pure wavetable, a mixture of these and a sample player. All together sum up 178 sound sources. 3 envelopes, a filter and 6 effects offer further sonic shaping. To round off this instrument, 120 MIDI files for making the previously mentioned musical genres are included additionally.

Download contains:

1 x Instrument Synthesizer For NI Reaktor
163 x Presets
120 x MIDI Files

Reaktor and MIDI Formats
100% Royalty-Free


Please Note: Make sure your version of Reaktor is up to date.