Resistance Drums

This pack features the best drum samples for Hybrid & Trap available, from 808's, Kicks, Snares and Claps to Foley Loops, Glitch Loops and more, this pack has you covered!

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Trap Samples

Are your drum samples just not cutting through the mix and sounding larger than life like the pros? Lacking detail, and drive?

Resistance Drums is the answer.

We’ve extracted the drum samples out of our insanely massive Hybrid & Trap pack ‘Resistance‘ to bring you the best drum samples for Hybrid & Trap. These drums are strait from the future, innovative, unique and full of character, these are sure to add flare and movement into your tunes.

Featuring, 808s, Kicks, Snares, Claps, Toms, Cymbals, Percussion One Shots, Snare FX, Foley Loops, Glitch Loops, Hat Loops, Top Loops & Drum Fills. We’ve packed 299mb of pure carnage into this pack.

808s – Categorised into differing degrees of intensity. In this pack lies the soft mellow 808s that you’d find in classic trap bangers to screeching, lethal 808s that completely destroy everything they touch.

Kicks – Also like the 808s, the kicks inside Resistance are categorised into differing degrees of intensity. Kicks for every occasion, some even borderline dubstep kicks.

Claps – Remember the infamous Jack Ü checkout sounding clap/perc? We loved the concept of this delayed percussive snap and took it further. And of course we added hard hitting claps and time shifted claps into this pack for a wide variety of claps.

Snares – 3 Different kinds of snares in this section of the pack. 1, Hard Snares (the ‘H’ in Hybrid stands for ‘Hard Snare’ didn’t you know that?) 2, Our Snare Rollers are truely unique and hard hitting, like the 808 snare on steroids! 3, Clap Merged. We saved you the hassle of mixing snares with claps and created some weird and wonderful sounds.

Snare FX – Snares with unique FX tails, perfect for that 4th bar hit!

Toms – Hard hitting, brutal and in your face!

Cymbals – We’ve got you covered. Crashes, Rides, Closed Hi-hats & Open Hi-hats. All are punchy and full of character.

Percussion/Foley – We decided to introduce some foley one shots into this pack as well as the usual percs. These are by far our best percussive ones shots, that even have the pros tallking…

Foley Loops – We’ve had so much praise from the foley loops inside Mellotunes, we needed to make more. And guess what?. These are even better! More lifelike and energetic.

Glitch Loops – As the name suggests, these work great chopped up or even used as mini fills.

Top Loops– Loops to layer over your main drums to build up the intensity and fill out the frequency spectrum.

Hat Loops– Do you think we wouldn’t have hat loops in a trap pack? These are similar to the top loops but only just feature hi-hats for 100% trap vibez.

Drum & Hybrid Fills – (1 & 2 Bar Fills) Not your traditional drum fills, we got creative with these and turned them more into sound effect fills.


Download contains:

385 x Total Files (Drum Samples only)

40 x 808 one-shots
50 x  Kick one-shots
25 x Clap one-shots
35 x Snare one-shots
20 x Snare FX one-shots
20 x Tom one-shots
35 x Cymbal one-shots
50 x Percussion/Foley
20 x Foley Loops 
20 x Glitch Loops 
20 x Top Loops
20 x Hat Loops
30 x Drum & Hybrid Fills

24 Bit  44.1kHz WAV Format

285MB (Unzipped)

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