The full version of the Resistance pack contains a heavy selection of drums, Fills and FX, Foley and Percussion loops, leads, stabs, vocals, Serum presets and more!!

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RESISTANCE is next level…

Our aim with Resistance wasn’t to create ‘just another hybrid/trap’ sample/preset pack.

No, we wanted to push the boundaries with the sounds of Hybrid & Trap.

We took a step back at looked at the genres as a whole. What’s current? What’s Modern? What’s trending? We then took those ideas & concepts further…

We imagined what sort of sounds the Pro’s would be using in the next few years and beyond that. Everything from Percussive Snares to Vocal Chops to 808’s, we went beyond and packed all these ideas & next level sounds into Resistance.

This pack is designed for the Future of Trap/Hybrid Producers who want to kick the current sound in the face and throw up the trap arms and throw down the next anthems. This is without a doubt our biggest pack to date.

We present to you RESISTANCE

What's inside?


808s – Categorised into differing degrees of intensity. In this pack lies the soft mellow 808s that you’d find in classic trap bangers to screeching, lethal 808s that completely destroy everything they touch.

Kicks – Also like the 808s, the kicks inside Resistance are categorised into differing degrees of intensity. Kicks for every occasion, some even borderline dubstep kicks.

Claps – Remember the infamous Jack Ü checkout sounding clap/perc? We loved the concept of this delayed percussive snap and took it further. And of course we added hard hitting claps and time shifted claps into this pack for a wide variety of claps.

Snares – 3 Different kinds of snares in this section of the pack. 1, Hard Snares (the ‘H’ in Hybrid stands for ‘Hard Snare’ didn’t you know that?) 2, Our Snare Rollers are truely unique and hard hitting, like the 808 snare on steroids! 3, Clap Merged. We saved you the hassle of mixing snares with claps and created some weird and wonderful sounds.

Snare FX – Snares with unique FX tails, perfect for that 4th bar hit!

Toms – Hard hitting, brutal and in your face!

Cymbals – We’ve got you covered. Crashes, Rides, Closed Hi-hats & Open Hi-hats. All are punchy and full of character.

Percussion/Foley – We decided to introduce some foley one shots into this pack as well as the usual percs. These are by far our best percussive ones shots, that even have the pros tallking…


Downsweeps – Ranging from mini impacts, to weird FX to powerful swoops, these are essential to add flow to a track and aid transitions.

Risers – Strong, powerful and suspenseful, perfect for builds!

Hybrid FX– Little mini soundeffects, great for fills and random sections and chops.

Textures/Ambience–  Add some ambience to your track with these textures that are haunting and spooky!

Drum & Hybrid Fills – (1 & 2 Bar Fills) Not your traditional drum fills, we got creative with these and turned them more into sound effect fills.


Lead One Shots – Lead one shots ranging from brutal synths, to unique and trippy trap leads, ready to be crafted into your drops, melodies and so much more!

Lead Loops – 5 Backing loops to support your main melodies and hooks. 30 Lead Loops to help create a centrepiece for your masterpieces, these will provide some serious inspiration. Ranging from arps to lead lines to mental sounds. There’s a wide variety for you to choose from.


SERUM Presets – Yes, we wanted to have everything you’d need to make the best incredible music. So we added to this pack some insane Leads, Basses & FX Presets (with macros) all for Xfer Records Legendary SERUM VST. *Serum Is required to make the most of this pack.

SERUM Wavetables – Crafted to be absolutely insane in everyway. Whether you’re using them for an FM source, modulating the WT positions these wavetables are truely versitle… (and crazy!)


Foley Loops – We’ve had so much praise from the foley loops inside Mellotunes, we needed to make more. And guess what?. These are even better! More lifelike and energetic.

Glitch Loops – As the name suggests, these work great chopped up or even used as mini fills.

Top Loops– Loops to layer over your main drums to build up the intensity and fill out the frequency spectrum.

Hat Loops– Do you think we wouldn’t have hat loops in a trap pack? These are similar to the top loops but only just feature hi-hats for 100% trap vibez.


Stabs– Ready for anything, all of these stabs are savage and will pump energy and movement into your tracks.


Shouts & Phrases – Whether you creating hype, wanting a pre-drop sample or just want to get crazy, chances are there’s something in here for you.

Vocal Chop Loops – Crafted for a range of sub genres in the trap & hybrid world. Future Bass styled, heavy hybrid styled & glitchy.

Vocal Melodies – For these vocal chop melodies we left the original dry vocal chop melodies in with the processed ones so you can do your own processing on the vocals. The choice is yours.**

Vocal Chop One Shots – Featuring 3 vocal chops per note (high/medium/low) we wanted to cover all the bases. And if you’re crafty with samplers you can easily make a sampler instrument out of these.

You can also get drums only RESISTANCE pack HERE

Download contains:

40 x 808's
50 x Kicks
25 xClaps 
35 x Snares
20 x Snare FX
20 x Toms
35 x Cymbals 
50 x Percussion/Foley 

20 x Downsweeps
20 x Risers
20 x Hybrid FX
15 x Textures/Ambience

40 x Drum & Hybrid Fills
25 x Foley Loops 
25 x Glitch Loops 
25 x Top Loops
25 x Hat Loops

30 x Stabs

40 x Shouts & Phrases
20 x Vocal Chop Loops
40 x Vocal Melodies
36 x Vocal Chop One Shots

20 x Lead One Shots 
35 x Lead Loops

45 x SERUM Presets 
20 x SERUM Wavetables

24 Bit WAV and Serum Formats

784MB (Unzipped)