Riemann Deep Techno 3

The third edition of Riemann Kollektion's famous "Deep Techno" pack is again focusing on the melodic, reduced and dreamy side of Techno, which finds its way into many festival headlining DJs in 2018.

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  • NI Reaktor

Riemann Deep Techno 3

Carefully crafted from scratch, the primarily analog sounds host that so much apprechiated organic feel, which results from the unpredictable noises and small errors of analog gear. A deepness hard to reach with software-only production. 

This impressive pack contains 980MB of high end 24bit WAV recordings which captured every nouance of synths like the Oberheim OB-6, Minilogue, MatrixBrute or different Moog models and their analog effect chains as well as Modular Synths. The synth hooks and sequences also contain some long evolving recordings which can be chopped according to your track. Try processing them further with modulation effects like choruses, flanger or try a real guitar stomp box with reverb or delay and you will be amazed how organic those synth recordings can unfold. 

An outstanding feature of this collection is again the background loops which contain noises that can be layered in low volume on top of beats to give them a rough, deep and organic feel. If you put a sidechain compressor on them, connect it with the kickdrum and get the grinding and grooving signature beat you have always wanted. The Bass Loops, HiHiat Loops, Fx Loops, Kickdrum Loops etc. are the basic tools to build up your own beats from scratch as these are already perfect sounding source materials. 

You can find everything you need for a deep and elegant Techno track within this package! Riemann Kollektion provides you with more than 15 years experience in Techno production. 

All sounds are made for maximum impact on large horn soundsystems like Funktion One or VOID.

Download contains:

255 x Total Files 
20 x Background Loops
25 x Beat Loops
25 x Bass Loops
10 x Chord Loops
10 x Clap Loops
20 x Fx Loops
10 x Hihat Loops
20 x Kickdrum Loops
10 x Pads
10 x Perc Loops
15 x Synth Hooks 
30 x Synth Sequences
10 x Top Loops
40 x One-shots

24 Bit 44.1kHz Format

933MB (Unzipped)