This Vocal Sample Pack from Antidote Audio contains 12 huge vocal construction kits, as well as Vocal One Shots, Vocal Shouts and Vocoder Loops in a range of BPM's.
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Vocal Sample Pack

When a song blows up, what is the main thing everyone remembers?

The Vocals.

The human voice adds aspects to a track that cannot be replicated or recreated digitally. Vocals bring another level of emotion and life to your track.

Adding vocals to an average song can turn it into a great song, so imagine combining them to a track that's already amazing.

Download contains:

12 x Construction Kits (Containing Dry Vocals, Mixed Vocals, Doubles, Backing & Harmonies)
21 x Vocal One Shot Cuts
112 x Vocal Shouts
13 x Vocoder Loops


24 BIt WAV Format

1.57GB (Unzipped)