Shoegaze & Dream Pop

Over 400MB of Deep & Dreamy Pop Samples, featuring live Basses, washed-out Guitars, textural FX, Vintage Synth Chords, One shots and more!

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Dream Pop & Shoegaze Samples

Step into the ethereal world of Shoegaze & Dream Pop! This introspective selection of blissed out pop and indie samples transports you deep into a dreamy world of long, droning riffs, melodic vintage synths, waves of distortion, harmonic phrases, muffled echoes and cascades of feedback; everything you need is here to take your listeners to another dimension!

The pack has been constructed to maximize your workflow and creativity: Looking for the perfect texture to add a layer of warmth and interest to your track? Then dive into the Synth folder, filled to the brim with stunningly beautiful melody loops and chord progressions.

Want some melodic guitar lines to add a live-feel and some extra depth to your mix? Then filter through the inspired selection of mesmerizing guitar samples (from atmospheric, reverbed and chopped up melodic patterns to washed out chord progressions. Beyond these elements, other sonics included are moving live Basses, epic Drums and a super user-friendly selection of one shots!

All the sounds have been formatted to work in whatever tempo your track is in, making them extremely versatile and functional in multiple genres beyond Blissed out Pop and Shoegaze; from downtempo, DJ Shadow style tracks to Burial-esque Future Garage and much more!

So, take the plunge into this otherworldly genre of Shoegaze and Dream Pop!

Download contains:

144 x Total Files:

26 x Synth & Vox Loops
23 x Guitar Loops
14 x Bass Loops

29 x Drums & Percussion Loops

52 x One-Shots (FX, Hats & Cymbals, Kicks & Toms, Snares & Claps)

Bpm range: 85, 90, 95, 100, 105

24 Bit  44.1kHz WAV Format

409MB [Unzipped WAV format]

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