Smooth R&B Guitars

390MB+ of ultra-crisp guitar loops exploding with funky class and R&B sheen, from a chilled 65bpm all the way to an energetic 120!
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Smooth R&B Guitars

Turn the lights down low and let loose the smooth licks of ''Smooth R&B Guitars'', fresh from the candle-lit crib that is the Prime Loops studio! Serving up a luscious blend of chord progressions and melodies, this loop library provides the perfect cocktail of smooth funk, blues and soul guitars, all perfectly formatted and ready to massage into your mix!

This entirely original selection of silky-smooth guitar samples comes in 24-bit quality with a choice of ''Dry'' or ''Processed''. The ''Dry'' folder contains a library of chords and licks, tenderly plucked and strummed through a carefully tweaked clean amplifier. The ''Processed'' folder features the same sound library infused with a warm array of effects such as delay, compression and chorus for a soft and sensual vibe!

If you're looking to serenade in the same vein as John Legend, Raphael Saadiq, Bruno Mars, Adele or Lauryn Hill, then ''Smooth R&B Guitars'' is an essential addition to your sound library. Drawing upon the soulful skills of such six-string superstars as Curtis Mayfield, Carlos Santana, John Mayer and The Isley Brothers, this sample pack features breezy picking embellished with bluesy bends and silky slides designed to gel perfectly with the gentle rootsy rhythms also provided, making this the ideal R&B construction kit!

As you can expect with every renowned Prime Loops sound library, all 390Mb+ of "Smooth R&B Guitars" comes to you pre-formatted for all major music hardware and software and totally free from any royalty or sample clearance hassle. This will not fail to please upcoming music makers as well as a multitude of big names across the current music scenes who wisely favour Prime Loops products!



"A well played and well thought-out collection of both ready-processed and dry RnB guitar riffs.

Each grooving chord pattern has an accompanying plucked lick that expertly weaves its way in and out to create a fuller-sounding section. The majority of the loops are well-written and catchy, with faultless performances. The dry versions have been sent through a carefully tweaked clean amp setting, so they sound nice and rounded even without effects.

The quality and playing of the loops means that they would sit perfectly with other instruments and could add a professional edge and polish to your tracks."


"The riffs in this pack sound exactly how you'd expect - nice smooth licks and chords, mixed up into dry and processed folders. I really liked the processed sounds myself, definitely adds a nice element to the loops with delay and other effects.

All the loops are pretty long so you get a lot to chop up and there is enough variety to keep you busy."


Download contains:

64 Dry Guitar Loops
64 Processed Guitar Loops

24 Bit Quality