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Produce Music? Discover 1000's of amazing Sample Packs, Presets, DAW Templates, MIDIs & more!

  • Vocal Samples

    Inca Spirit Vocals

    Multi Format

    This unique pack of Incan Tribal Samples contains over 200 vocal samples, loops, spoken words, phrases, sustains and more, plus a set of 8 Kontakt kits!

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  • Morrocan Music Samples

    Sounds Of Morocco

    Multi Format

    950MB+ of authentic Morrocan Vocal Samples, World Music Samples & Live Recordings of traditional Morrocan Music Instruments, including WAV Samples, Kontakt instruments & Stem Kits!

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  • Persian Vocal Samples

    Persian Vocal Samples


    Over 450 Persian/Iranian Vocal Samples, including longer songs, poems, airs, shorter phrases, natural and processed loops and multi-sampled instruments for Kontakt

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  • MidEast Vocals

    MidEast Vocals

    Multi Patch

    MidEast Vocals library concentrates on traditional, improvisational, ethnic  vocal samples from various cultures of middle east music. Comes as NI Kontakt patches as well as samples.

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  • Ceremonial Vocals

    Ceremonial Vocals

    Multi Format

    Ceremonial Vocals is a versatile library of vocal performances from South American ceremonies, indigenous rituals and more. Delivered to you as samples or instruments for NI Kontakt to suit your production style.

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