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  • Ableton Instruments

    Analog Archival [Ableton Instruments]

    Ableton Live Project

    Are your productions sounding a little bland and predictable?!  Well, look no further friend!  Introducing the latest synth beast from our analogue centric studios; Analogue Archival.

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  • Analogue Synth Loops

    Prophets From The Future


    Inside 'Prophets From The Future' you’ll find 92 loops, featuring iconic lead lines, timeless chord progressions that offer endless inspiration, dense arpeggios, abstract analogue FX, rich bass work and so much more.

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  • Ambient Samples

    Analogue Expanse


    Analogue Expanse beautifully blurs the line between house, electronica and chill-wave; delivering 120MB of Tycho-inspired synth loops & one shots.

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  • Synth Samples

    Dystopian Dreams


    An epic collection of modulated synth loops and MIDI files from epic reese samples to deep and twisting pads.

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