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  • 80's Drum Samples


    Multi Format

    A selection of Drum sounds from the classic DMX run through analog gear to add more warmth and formatted for Ableton, Kontakt, Logic 9, Maschine 2, Reason 8, FL Studio 12, Battery 4.1.5 and MPC1000 or MPC2500.

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  • TR-808 Samples

    808 From Mars

    Multi Patch

    The 808 is easily the most recognized drum machine in history. It's responsible for the birth of countless genres - hip hop, electro, techno, house, and a variety of sub-genres too countless to mention.This pack contains 1500 24bit WAV 808 Samples!

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  • Drumtrax From Mars

    Drumtrax From Mars

    Multi Format

    Drumtrax is a collection of 384 high end, tape saturated 24bit drum sounds inspired by the funky 8 bit drum machines of the 1980s.

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