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  •  Gangster Trap Samples

    Narcos 3 - 100% Gangster Trap


    Volume 3 of our most dangerous gangster trap collection is here! Packed with critical drums, sinister melodies and destructive 808’s, Narcos 3 delivers the trap cartel’s essence right at your doorstep.

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  • Vocal Samples



    200+ hard and nasty Hip Hop/Mumble Rap/Trap acapellas, backed up with beats, melodies, 808's and more - across 1.53GB of content!

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  • 100% Gangster Trap

    Narcos 2: 100% Gangster Trap


    700MB+ of hard, dark and sinister trap samples featuring 808 basslines, raw synths, frantic drums, hi-hat patterns, sharp snares, reverberating melodies vocal shots and more!

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