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  • 80's Film Samples

    Cinematic Synths


    Cinematic Synths contains 120+ loops and 60 MIDI files of 80's inspired synth goodness referencing the best of the 80's movie scores; with a modern twist!

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  • Funk Samples

    Future Funk

    WAV & MIDI

    Touch Loops first foray into the recorded world of classic funk samples containing 5 construction kits containing loops, one shots and MIDI files.

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  • FM Synth Samples

    DX7 Synth Samples


    70 beautifully recorded DX7 Synth Samples & Loops, providing you with that classic & renowned 80s Sci-Fi style sound at your fingertips!

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  • 80's Synth Samples

    Dystopian Love


    Dystopian Love digs deep into the world of rich analogue synthesis, lush gated reverbs and emotive 80’s nostalgia, referencing the iconic Blade Runner series but showcasing it’s own unique twist!

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