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Browse 1000's of amazing Sample Packs for Hip Hop, House, Future Bass, EDM, Funk & Soul, Dubstep, R&B, Trap, D&B, Ambient and many other Genres!

  • Drop Kicks

    Drop Kicks


    Crafted from high end synths and drum machines, this huge, versatile, collection of 475 kick drums has you covered with everything you need from drops and FX to modulated and processed!

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  • Digital Glitch & Cybernetics

    Digital Glitch & Cybernetics

    WAV 96kHz WAV

    This immersive sound effects library of 438 Fx files contains Malfunctions, Processes and Computations, Robots, Creatures and more, available as 44.1Khz and 96Khz WAV for all your HD needs!

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  • Chillout Sample Pack

    Organic Ambience & Textures

    96kHz WAV

    This pack of Organic Samples, Organic Ambience & Textures contains a huge amount of field recordings, soundscapes and textures, perfect for adding mood and atmosphere to downtempo and chill tracks,

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  • SFX Samples


    Multi Format

    This pack contains 200+ Electromagnetic Soundscapes recorded from Computer and Office Gear, including MIDI files and Ableton Live Racks! 

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  • Organic Ambience & Textures 2

    Organic Ambience & Textures 2


    4.8 GB in size and 2.5 + hours of original audio, this leviathan of a library picks up where Volume 1 left off, providing even more tools for music producers and sound designers alike!

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