Spectral Sessions

859MB+ of melodic, glitched out, experimental electronic and live instrument samples, including Synths, Rhodes, Piano, Glockenspiel, Guitars, Bass Guitars, Clarinets & much more!

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Spectral Sessions

Wanna know how the future sounds? Future Koncept have the sonic blueprint for your ears only…

Inoculate your productions with our brand new conceptual electronica & live music sample pack Spectral Sessions, brought to you by Future Koncept. From adventurous post-rock textures to luminous experimental electronica, this hyper-progressive sample pack spawns an abstract and vivid spectrum of sound which will bleed a generation-defining array of future colours deep into the nucleus of your creations!

We cut this sharp spectrum of future-proof atmospheres with highly skilled and critically acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and audio visionary Josh Trinnaman, also the mastermind of Brighton based post-rock/live electronica band Luo! Set in motion through a series of historic live sessions, this avant-garde sound library is packed full of live elements to add a real depth to your productions!

Delivered via direct download, this conceptual sample pack has been mastered in electrifying 24-bit High Definition audio clarity! Six immense folders will bolster your sample archive with a pristine selection of glitched out live drums, pioneering live guitar theatrics and globular live electric basslines, as well as a heavily processed collection of piano, glockenspiel, zither, Rhodes, clarinets and more, all subject to some seriously progressive digital manipulation.

The future is flexible! Customize every unique element in Spectral Sessions to maximize the distinct personality of your productions and regenerate your sound by programming these radical patterns into your DAW… It’s a quick and simple process involving a simple click, drag and drop from your download folder straight into your mix and once these complex tones are in, they willl automatically adjust to match the tempo of any pre-existing creation, or you can simply stretch or squeeze each sample to your tempo of choice with a quick click and drag.

Audio production is about stepping up to change the game and reshape the scene. Are you ready to leave your mark? Get a head start with Spectral Sessions!


Download contains:

43 x Drum Loops

72 x Drum One Shots

34 x Guitar Loops

30 x  Bass Guitar & Synth Basslines

30 x Synth Loops

53 x Instrumental Loops, including piano, glockenspiel, zither, rhodes, clarinets & more

27 x FX & Loop Trails

2 Multi Sampled Instruments (Tera Glockenspiel & Bowthing) for EXS24, Kontakt, Halion & NNXT

Bpm110 - 180

24 Bit Audio Quality

Total Size: 859.5MB

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