Spotlight - Big Room [Ableton Live Template]

This Martin Garrix inspired Ableton Live Template contains audio tracks, MIDI tracks and Serum presets to set you on your way to Big Room stardom!
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  • Ableton Live Project

Spotlight - Big Room [Ableton Live Template]

“Spotlight” is simple-yet-perfect mix of dreamy breakdown, massive beat, catchy buzzing lead and sidechained chords. Inspired by the recent release of Martin Garrix, this template provides you with a solid starting point for producing your own Big Room bangers!

What you need to work with this Ableton template:
  • Ableton Live Standard or Suite 9.5 (or higher)
  • Serum v1.113 (or higher)

Download contains:

1 x Ableton Live Template

7 x Audio Tracks
18 x MIDI Tracks
PC and Mac Compatible
Root Note: A#m
BPM: 128
All files are royalty free

18.1MB (Unzipped)

Please Note: Ableton Live 9.5 and Serum Version 1.113 (OR HIGHER) required.